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Specter Services is your one-stop shop for all things writing related. Our team can’t guarantee that you’ll be rocketed to success, but we do promise one thing: your vessel will be fully fueled and tuned for top performance. Truthfully, career launches take some time. Making it in the literary world has never been easy, and you can bet your bottom dollar that the best-selling authors didn’t get where they are alone. Artistic invention may be a solitary venture, but for those seeking publication—and, make no mistake, it’s a competition—DIY means “Didn’t Invest Yet.” The worst thing to do is to go halfway. If you’ve devoted years to that novel, don’t have your mom “edit” the thing. Got a great idea? Don’t hand it off to a five-dollar freelancer. Sure, financial shortcuts exist . . . but these lead only to sloppy completion. Don’t be done writing. Be sure it’s done right. Our grade-A ghostwriters, coaches, and editors are here to help. You’ve got plenty of soul already. We’ll be your guiding spirits.


El objetivo de nuestros servicios en dos palabras: Disfrutar y tranquilidad. Disfrutad de una bonita relación con vuestro gato y estad tranquilos, porque todo tiene solución.

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